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Sewers and Beasts

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Well, although we've recovered Leech succesfully, the mission was not exactly what one would call a full success. Ororo took a taser in the back, and Scott came out the worst of us after one of Marrow's spikes hit home in his shoulder.

Thankfully, with our gifted doctors, the spike was removed and Scott is slowly recovering. Slowly. Painfully so, as he hates his cast, but insists on walking around and trying to function like normal while being too stubborn to ask for help. It was a nasty attack, and the spike was none too pleasant. This was the closest representation I could find without scanning a picture in. Scott's spike (as we have taken to calling it, and some of the children have asked if they can keep it as a pet. What? I can tell you're looking at me like I should have no sense of humour. I'm not that twisted.) was thicker, and didn't have as much of a ball at the end, but it was rather jagged.

Things seem close to boiling over with Hank, lately, and he came close to screaming at Jean in the an earlier. Thankfully, she didn't burst into flames and kill us all. Hopefully things will settle back down, although they may well rise up in a different sense when the documentary gets going. I should discuss that with my dear film maker again soon.
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On March 5th, 2006 01:38 pm (UTC), mutant_race commented:
You're dear filmmaker?

Warren---did you neglect to mention your feelings for said filmmaker?
And a pet, I have yet to here that version. Several of the upperclassmen have suggested voodo work.

As for Hank, I'll handle it. Jean knows now. (Yes, you can gloat to her about knowing without being told, but I wouldn't recommend it). I'm sure that as soon as she confronts him about it, we'll have some magnificant explosion downstairs and that will be the end of it. (Although I do hope that she doesn't kill him).

- Ororo
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