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Home Sweet Home

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I always forget how much I enjoy staying at the Mansion until I return.

As...stressed as everyone seems to be, it's wonderful to be back amoung friends (not to mention more comfortable). Hopefully everything will settle back down, and the documentary won't cause any feuds amoung the X-Men, or too much uproar amoung the students. Despite Hank's convictions, and my own doubts, somehow I still believe this will be beneficial. At least, I certainly hope so.

I have to call Mark in the morning, to set up an introduction with the subjects of his documentary. I think the Professor will try to arrange a school-wide address, to avoid any over-dramatization of rumours that may spread amoung the students.

Until then, I intend to sleep like a log. A very feathery log.

It's times like these I should be sleeping, not talking.

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